Tuesday, 9 March 2010

New book's in the making...

A page from a little Valentines book I've made, its not done yet but this is definitely a favourite page.
The theme of this page was suggested by the topper used which merges a lovely Edwardian lady with pieces from first world war love letters, I wanted to put in postcards and ephemera he might send to her like the Paris postcard sticker. It had to still feel warm though to emphasise the hope that you'd have had to hold dear when receiving on of these letters.
The last page, Ive gone quite crazy on glitter, the best certainly has to be the Martha Stewart set I received as a gift, the colours are insanely beautiful! I guarantee there is nothing like them!
This one is meant to be more about how messages from a loved one can have a transformative effect.
And remember the postcard I brought a while back, she's found her own place in another book.

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